Ways to Teach Writing Skills from Jane Sampson

Teaching children to write can be a difficult task for a parent. It takes a lot of time and can be frustrating for some people. There are little tricks to do it faster and more effectively to see them struggle again and again until you both lose hope. There are five excellent techniques that have proven effective in teaching writing.

Relevant words

Use relevant words and situations. Having a student applies vocabulary words that adapt to their daily life to help them remember them better. This will build the word bank and keep it stronger. Having a good vocabulary is one of the most important skills that a writer must possess.

Real-life experiences

Ask students to tell stories of real-life experiences. This will lead them to think about relevant situations and understand what they are writing and how to make it more interesting than simple writing without thinking about something they do not want to write about. Writing about personal experiences keeps them interested and allows them to focus on the skills and basics of writing. It can be overwhelming to do something like this for beginners.

Exchanging documents

Ask students to exchange documents. If you teach different students at the same time, seeing them see each person’s documents will help them recognize mistakes and learn to see mistakes in their writing. They will also be able to see the writing techniques and style of other students to arouse new writing ideas.

Reflect on their own writing

Asking students to reflect on their own writing and putting it down can help them enormously. In this way, they can read their own writings and really reflect on what they have written from another point of view. This will allow them to better understand what their good and bad writing points are to improve the quality of writing. If they can simply choose three key points of their writing to write, they will force them to dig deeper and reflect on their style and techniques on a different level.

Another reason why you should teach writing is that students can deepen their understanding of concepts through the act of writing. Understanding and understanding are closely related to clarity. If a student is able to write about the content, whether writing a résumé, a letter to the editor, a historical novel or the search for a laboratory report, he can demonstrate how the information is well understood. Furthermore, the act to write really increases understanding. As we write, a person is able to explain exactly what he knows about a topic. The writing process itself makes the connections that otherwise would not have occurred if the information had not been processed in this way. Most people have had the experience of creating new connections by writing. As educators, we want to offer our students many opportunities to experience those “aha” moments that occur during writing.


Discover what your students are passionate about. If the students are enthusiastic about something, they will obviously have something else to say about it. In this way, they will not be distracted or bored. Students who are more involved in the projects they are doing learn a lot more because they have more work and are a simple way to get started.

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