5 Tips to Help Your Student Prepare for Their Career in Australia

Preparing for a career overseas can be difficult, particularly if it’s to a country that differs significantly from your own. If you’re helping students prepare for their career in Australia, there are a number of things you can do to help them get there. Whether they need to be equipped for the lifestyle in Australia, have the best essay writing in Australia, or tackle visa challenges, there are a few things you can do to help them feel prepared.

1) Help them with their visa applications

Getting your visa sorted before moving to a new country for work can be a long and stressful process. Help your students learn everything they need to about the visa application process. Helping your students feel prepared on this front will help everything else fall into place. If they require sponsorship from their company help them complete that process, and if they need to apply on their own, make sure they do it well in advance and have all of the resources necessary to be successful.

2) Educate them on their work rights

Every country is different when it comes to workers rights, and it’s important for your students to understand theirs before they travel to Australia. It’s important to know what hours they are expected to work, what their wage will be, and what to do in the event of a conflict or violation of these work rights. Internationals traveling to Australia are in a more vulnerable position when it comes to pushing the boundaries of these rules and rights, so make sure your student knows what to expect in the workforce.

3) Encourage them to meet with people who have lived there

If your student is able to be in touch with someone who has previously lived and worked in Australia, it can be an incredibly useful preparation strategy. Not only has this person done what your student is about to do, but they have learned from their mistakes and will have plenty of advice to give to help your student avoid making the same ones. They’ll be able to discuss the difference in the career sector, lifestyle, and culture, and the best ways to adapt and feel at home.

4) Help them find a reliable bank

Many banks allow internationals to apply for an account while they are still overseas. Having a career in Australia means setting up a bank account in Australia, and if you can encourage your student to take care of this process before they get there, it will help them feel more prepared and organised on arrival. If you set up a bank account before you arrive, you can go into the bank and activate it right away, meaning your student can check one more thing off the career checklist.

5) Keep in touch

No matter how much you prepare your student for a career in Australia, having a support network back home is huge in terms of helping them feel at ease. Let your student know that they can rely on you for advice and support no matter where they are. Having a solid support system will help them take on their new career with confidence and self-assurance.

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